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Una sus fuerzas con el líder en formularios móviles

Llegue a nuevos clientes, incremente sus ingresos y acelere sus ventas.

Nuestra metodología de implementación de socios

Implementation methodology

¿Cree que somos la opción adecuada? ¡Póngase en contacto con nosotros!

Complete este formulario para ponerse en contacto con nosotros, de modo que podamos evaluar cuál de nuestros programas de socios aplicaría para su modelo de negocio particular.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
"Las capacidades adicionales de ProntoForms amplían la riqueza de la plataforma ServiceMax y ayudarán a lograr mejores resultados para nuestros clientes".

Jonathan Skelding, vicepresidente de alianzas globales

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I get a complete demo of ProntoForms?
After an initial conversation to determine partnership fit, you will receive a full ProntoForms demo as well a two-way partner discussion on our partner ecosystem.
Do you have different types or levels of partnerships?
ProntoForms has two levels of partnership, Reseller and Technology Partners.

Reseller Partners are independent and sell to, and support, their own customers - including providing professional services.

Our Technology Partners collaborate closely with us to create fully integrated solutions - app-to-app, embedded or other custom projects.
What does it take, and how do I become a partner?
The ideal ProntoForms partner has existing enterprise customers who are looking to improve their business processes using mobile technology. ProntoForms offers the leading mobile forms solution for field service management, enterprise asset management, fleet management, and safety management applications. If this sounds like a good fit with your product/solution, we'd like to hear from you.
How long does it get to be approved as a partner?
It depends on the complexity of the solution offered. You can expect anything from a few weeks to several months.
Do you have a Partner Community?
Yes. Our partner community lets you submit leads, monitor the progress of leads, ask questions, and participate in discussions in both private and public partner channels.

The partner community also gives you access to marketing collateral, webinars, customer videos and other resources, including sales training documents, presentations, and videos.
Do partners have dedicated account managers?
Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager, as well as a sales team, to ensure familiarity and make sure your needs are being met.