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Field monitoring capabilities out of the box

Dashboard reports
Increase visibility
Stay up-to-date with “what happened” in the field.
Improvement programs
Optimize processes
Quickly identify gaps, bottlenecks, or opportunities for improvements.
Stay compilant
Rapid summaries
Keep executives and stakeholders in the know with high-level dashboards.
Monitor changes.
Zero-in on specific questions.
Spot data trends.

Empower users to track the frequency of question responses. Every form submission can automatically be converted into a datapoint on a graph—no manual intervention required.

Answer questions like:

  • How many poor satisfaction responses have we had this month?
  • Are specific questions being skipped by technicians?
  • How often is a particular test failing for a specific asset?

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Ensure SLA compliance.
Track team performance.
Monitor deployment adoption.

Gain insight into dispatch and form status by time, location, status, or user filters. Display data in a list, map, or chart view for easy analysis and drill down into individual submissions to review work performed in its entirety.

Answer questions like:

  • What orders have been submitted back from the field?
  • What dispatches are outstanding right now?
  • What is the status of a form?

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Form Submissions Dashboard
View day-to-day submission stats.
Monitor form use.
Identify bottlenecks.

Visually graph or chart submissions within a specific timeframe - for example, submissions in the past day or week - or geospatially to monitor submissions based on where they were submitted. Dashboards automatically update to keep data fresh.

Answer questions like:

  • On what days are forms being utilized the most?
  • What is the frequency of submissions on a user-by-user basis?
  • Which forms are being used the least?

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Empower Citizen Data Scientists with Low-Code App Platforms


Need more analytics firepower?

Submission Analytics
Gain deeper insight into a workflow with custom at-a-glance dashboards.
Workflow Analytics
Multi-dimensional, multi-workflow, and multi-faceted analytics to power executive decsion making.
"Antes de ProntoForms hacíamos 300 inspecciones regionales al mes. Con ProntoForms que estamos haciendo 1300 inspecciones al mes de costa a costa."

Jason Bloch
Inspection Services Manager

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