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Improve productivity with a fast mobile platform

  • Intuitive, quick to deploy, and easily customized
  • Native mobile apps that maximize device capabilities, and deliver a familiar and responsive interface

Our app – your experience

Mobile platform support
The ProntoForms mobile apps are available for all major platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Design endorsed by Apple and Google
The functionality, design, and user experience of the mobile apps have been reviewed and approved by design teams at Apple and Google in a process that far exceeds the standards of typical app store reviews.
Native mobile experience
Our apps adhere to the design guidelines of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, maintaining a consistent, cross-platform ProntoForms experience.

Easy custom branding
Easily customize the home screen of the mobile appsto include your logo, and re-order or disable top-level app functions.

Mobile Functionality Essentials

The ProntoForms app is much more than just an engine that displays prompts and input boxes. The synchronization keeps end users up-to-date with the latest form templates, and the data sets and media needed to drive them. The user has full offline functionality, even when handling large CRM or ERP data sets. Admins can assign tasks to users as partially completed forms in the app "Inbox", and add information on task location, priority, and due date to help users select the next task.
Simple or complex forms
Our solution handles everything from simple single-view forms, to forms with multiple levels of sub-forms, and conditional logic that dynamically changes the form at run-time.

Model the real world with your forms
Forms consist of hierarchal pages, sections and sub-sections, and questions. Repeatable sections reduce the need for multiple pages in a form, and makes entering information much faster. Page indexes, configurable section summaries, and submission previews make reviews and revisions before submission an easy task.

Form controls that make data collection fast, easy, and flawless
ProntoForms takes full advantage of mobile device capabilities in touch, capturing text, voice and audio, geo-location, images, sketches, signatures, and more with a focus on ease-of-use and user productivity. User help content, e.g. remote web content or videos, can be embedded contextually in forms.

Guide your users with form-based mobile workflows
Use conditional logic statements, calculations, and aggregations to create dynamic forms that respond to user actions. Model complex business situations, collect all data accurately, and help users save time by displaying only relevant information.
Deploy new and updated forms immediately, no code release required
Mobile forms are synchronized to the mobile apps or SDK as JSON-based form definitions. Form definitions define key aspects of the form, are interpreted by the native app code, and rendered for the mobile user. They can be added, changed, or removed without changing any code or deploying the app. Approved changes are made available immediately to mobile users, and are quickly synchronized with the next server reconciliation by the app.

Manage and track changes
The ProntoForms administration portal lets form designers and testers test changes to forms before deploying them to a production mobile workflow. All changes to form designs are versioned, with options to comment on changes and revert to older iterations.

Mobile forms connected to business systems
Business data (parts, services, CRM data, etc.) is connected through the ProntoForms data source architecture. Query the data source fields by text search or location and list results, or map them in the app. Select a row to pre-populate a form with data, or use the map to plan work.

Work offline, with large data sets
Data sources are synchronized from the ProntoForms Cloud to the mobile app/SDK users, and are stored locally on the mobile device for offline use. Changes are made immediately available to mobile users, and are broadcast through native push notifications. Data sources are provisioned at the formspace level, and can be further partitioned to specific users or user groups.

Mobile Apps and Toolkits

The ProntoForms toolkit makes adoption and integration of mobile forms easy for developers. Whether you deep-link from your mobile or web app, or fully integrate the ProntoForms SDK, extending advanced ProntoForms features to your users is fast and easy.
Mobile functionality in our apps, or in yours.
  • Native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows are ProntoForms branded apps. They are available in the public app stores, and are distributable through all major enterprise mobility management systems
  • Private-labeled "app-as-a-service" customers receive app versions with their logo and brand colors, and publish in their own app store accounts

Deep-linking APIs
Easily integrate 3rd party mobile or web apps to any of our mobile apps through a common deep-linking interface.
Mobile SDKs
Embed the ProntoForms SDK to include our mobile workflow and data collection solution within your iOS app. Gain the full benefit of form and workflow functionality, offline capabilities, back-end integration, and much more with a minimum of embedding code. Optionally leverage your app's existing authentication mechanism to manage user identities in the ProntoForms system. (Coming soon for Android and Windows.)

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